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Student Services


Our student advisor has been effective in improving educational/career planning, facilitating academic success, fostering student growth and development, and lowering the dropout rate. Information concerning housing, transportation and childcare are referrals to community organizations and family emergencies are also done through the advisor.
If you experience any problem that hinders your attendance, please bring this to the attention of the School Director or the Student Advisor.  Our goal is to assist you in completing your career undertaking. 
There is no additional cost associated with “Private Instruction” or for those students needing to do Make-up Work.  In order to makeup for your permitted hours missed, private instruction may be offered outside of the normal instructional day, still, without additional cost.
The facility is open and available to current and graduate students daily, 12:00 PM-4:00 PM. 
Employment Assistance
Com-Tec Institute or any of its staff, faculty or administration does not guarantee employment of any kind.
It is Com-Tec 's overreaching objective to assist each student in the employment process by one on one counseling and inquiries to prospective employers by telephone, internet searches and student hometown area news media resources to name a few. Each student will be given a listing of these companies receptive to interviewing for employment.
Each student will be interviewed one on one with the Placement Director. This interview/counseling will determine the student's needs and match them with those in the cosmetology industry. In addition, each student will be given instruction on proper interviewing techniques and resume writing. After graduation, the Placement Department will contact each student for follow-up and further assistance as needed in the job search process.
Com Tec Institute's Placement Assistance is available in future years should the graduate contemplate a change in jobs. However, priority is always given to the most recent graduates. Inquiries received from potential employers concerning our graduates are reported to the Placement Director.
It should be understood that career services offered by Com Tec Institute are not an obligation or a guarantee of employment. If a student fails to attend a job interview arranged by the Career Services Department, the service may no longer be available to that student.
Although average starting wage information based on data received from employers and graduates may be available to prospective students, no employee of the Institute is authorized to guarantee that a graduate will earn any specific amount. The student's program of study, employer needs, current economic conditions, and other factors may affect wage levels.
Equal Opportunity Statement
The goal of Com Tec Institute is to present the opportunity for job development and career advancement to all persons who commit to this goal when enrolling in school. This opportunity is given to all persons without regards to race, religion, color, sex, sexual orientation, disability, age, or national origin. Com Tec shall adhere to all applicable state and federal equal opportunity/affirmative action statute and regulations.
Sexual Harassment Policy
It is the policy of the institution to provide an academic and work environment free from sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is contrary to the standards and mission of the institution. Sexual harassment is illegal and will not be tolerated. Each member of Com Tec has a responsibility to maintain an academic and work environment that is free from this type of harassment. Sexual harassment is defined by law as unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal, physical, or other form of expressive communication of a sexual nature when submission to or rejection of such conduct is used as a basis for academic decisions, or such conduct has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual's work or academic performance.
Educational Rights and Privacy Act
In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Com Tec Institute has adopted the following policies and procedures. It is the objective of Com Tec to insure that the legal rights of students, established under the FERPA of 1974, be clearly understood and protected by all those affected.
  1. All students who are attending or have attended Com Tec  have a right to review and inspect their educational records
  2. Requests by students for access to or copies of their educational records must be completed within a reasonable time period, not to exceed 30 days from the date of the request
  3. An educational record is defined as data, in any form, about a student maintain by Com Tec  except
    1. Records related to employment
    2. Records solely in possession of the maker and not revealed in any form to a third party
    3. Records of physicians, psychiatrists, etc that are maintained in the course of treating a student. Students do not have a right to access those records, but they could be released to a physician of the student's choice
  4. Requests for records must be made to the responsible party
  5. All requests by students for access to their educational records may be made orally
  6. Access to educational records will not be permitted to third parties unless
    1. The agency requesting is included under Section 99.31 of the Federal Regulations
The right to consent to disclosures of personally identifiable information contained in the student's education records, except to the extent that FERPA authorizes disclosure without prior consent from the parents or the eligible student, as applicable. Com Tec Institute may neither release nor disclose personally identifiable information contained in the student's education records to outside employers, agencies, or individuals without first securing a written release form the parent or eligible student, as applicable, unless permitted by the Act.
Com-Tec does not offer Financial Aid to its students at this time.  However, in an effort to make it convenient for you to study while paying, we offer a “Pay As You Go Plan” and will make effort to give you affordable payment arrangements.
Com-Tec honors candidates from the Office of Unemployment, Department of Veterans Affairs, other One-Stop workforce programs in the State of New Jersey and corporate contracts.
Parking is available for students in the rear of the building at no additional cost and street meter parking in the front.
Assistance is available to students on an individual basis or in small groups, after classroom hours, Monday through Friday and Saturday 9 a.m. to 12 noon. The goal of the tutoring is to assist students in acquiring and maintaining superior skills and an understanding of their area of study. To achieve this goal, the tutor is a faculty member who is familiar with course materials but also instills the study habits needed to succeed.
Career Development
We offer students information related to Career Development in the Job Readiness Development section in the courses offered. Part of this section of the course includes developing a resume and could also include having students search out major companies and submit his/her resume. Students may also have to do role-playing in front of the class as if they are in an interview. We are also anticipating a future Externship program (not currently offered).
Academic Advising
We are fortunate to have a Student Advisor on-site to assist students with various issues related to his/her academics and/or attendance. Students must maintain a “C” average in all areas of study in order to complete the course. All student academic and attendance information is monitored and if a student is delinquent in any area, a letter will be issued and the Advisor will meet with that individual to ascertain the reasons for academic and/or attendance shortcomings. All Advisory sessions are documented and maintained in student files with suggestions for improvements noted. If the student continues to be delinquent, he or she may be required to withdraw. A list of outside referral agencies is maintained on file in the event a student issues is outside the expertise of our Advisor. In addition, students are welcome at any time to make an appointment with the Student Advisor to discuss any concerns.                       
 Monitoring of Attendance
We are quite strict in attendance monitoring (done daily). Should a student fall below the 80% requirement; he/she will be advised as detailed above.
We are fortunate that the school is accessible by various means of public transportation. A bus stops right in front of the school. We also have parking in the back of the facility and meter parking in the front.
Child Care
The school does not offer on-site day care. However, we do have listings available of area facilities and there is East Orange Child Development Center in the building on first floor. In addition, there is a counselor available to assist qualified students through the Office of Employment and Training in childcare and other issues related to enrollment.
Student Transfer Policy:
We can make your transfer to Com-Tec as smooth and stress-free as possible. Our academic advisors will work closely with you to guide you through the transfer process. Whether your intentions to com-Tec are for career advancement or to later continue your education in another institution, we will help you every step of the way. The following step by step is required:
1.  Complete and return Admission Application to the Admission Office. A $40.00 non-refundable Application Fee is required.
2.  Submit Official College Transcript: To have your official evaluation prior to registration, the Admission Office must receive your Official College Transcript and Application for Admission by the deadline dates given or two weeks before starting date.
a) Students who have completed courses at another institution in the United States and want to transfer credits/hours to Com-Tec must submit official transcripts from the other institution(s). Please note that these documents become the property of Com-Tec and will not be released to a third party or to the student.
b) Existing Com-Tec Students, who want to cross over to another program, must do so in writing four or two weeks in advance depending on the length and start date of the next class you are interested to transfer to. There is no need to submit official transcript since is in our office. We will review and evaluate your credits/hours and notify you.
Credit/hour may be granted provided that the course is comparable to a course required in the applicant’s chosen program of study. A minimum grade of “C” or 75% is required for a course to be transferable either from another school or within the school. As transcripts are received, credits/hours are evaluated on a course by course basis. Any transfer student who has not been in school in the last three years must take the placement examination. Students will be notified in writing as to the specific courses and credits/hours that were accepted and must bring the evaluation document to their academic advisor in order to complete the advisement and registration process. Credits/hours will be posted to your transcript at the end of the program.
Budget/Personal Financial Planning
When students want to enroll in the course, we discuss payment plans with them to ensure that he or she will be able to satisfy the financial commitment of enrollment. We also discuss other expenses (i.e. meals, transportation costs, child care, etc.) so that a realistic expectation of costs is understood.
We are fortunate to be able to offer financial assistance through various state agencies. Many students qualify for this type of assistance and allow them to more easily budget and ease their personal financial situation for attending school. All of these matters are discussed during the enrollment phase.                       
 Monitoring of Attendance
We are quite strict in attendance monitoring (done daily). Should a student falls below the 80% requirement; he/she will be advised as detailed above.
Special Needs Plan
We employ student with special needs to inform us of their disability or concern and preparation to accommodation their concern shall be discoursed for execution and a form of getting to know you better would given to you to fill and return. We are also fortunate that the school is accessible by special needs individual, the building is equipped with elevator to all floors, and bathroom is ADA approved. 
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